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You are a dua come true - Spiritual Serenity Trio

You are a dua come true - Spiritual Serenity Trio

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Transform your nursery into a haven of love and blessings with our digital print. Featuring an enchanting Islamic prayer mat, the act of making dua, and a tasbeeh, these prints are designed to infuse your little one's space with warmth, serenity, and the divine blessings that come with the gift of a child. Expand the description to discover the transformative power of our nursery prints and create a space filled with blessings, love, and cherished memories. Each artwork is thoughtfully crafted to inspire a sense of spirituality, gratitude, and connection, creating a nurturing environment that celebrates the beauty of parenthood. Adorn the walls with these captivating prints and embrace the joyous journey of raising a child surrounded by the blessings and love they bring. Print 1: "Sacred Prayer Mat" Transform your nursery into a place of spiritual connection with this stunning Islamic prayer mat artwork. Adorned with a heart, it serves as a gentle reminder of the importance of prayer and devotion. Print 2: "Dua Hands: You Are a Dua Come True" Celebrate the blessing of your child with this heartwarming print. Featuring a beautifully illustrated pair of hands raised in supplication, along with the heartfelt message, "You Are a Dua Come True," it encapsulates the joy and gratitude that fills your heart for your little one. Print 3: "Tasbih: Counting Blessings" Inspire a sense of mindfulness and gratitude with this captivating tasbih (prayer beads) print. Each bead represents a blessing to count and cherish, reminding you and your child of the abundant blessings bestowed upon you by the Divine. Each digital print is thoughtfully created and available for instant download in high-resolution PDF format, ensuring exceptional quality when printed. You'll have the freedom to choose your preferred size, allowing you to customize your nursery decor to suit your personal style. These prints not only make a delightful addition to your nursery but also serve as meaningful gifts for baby showers, Aqiqah ceremonies, or other special occasions. Share the love, faith, and serenity that these artworks embody with your loved ones.

► Please note that this listing is for digital downloads only. No physical items will be shipped, allowing you the convenience of printing the artworks at your leisure. Colors may vary slightly due to different monitor settings and printer calibrations.

► File dimensions

- A4 21 cm x 29,7 cm

- 6” x 8” 15 x 20

- 8” x 10” 20 x 25

► You will receive the prints in two color ways: light-blue and pink.

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1. Digital Downloads:

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- Upon completing your purchase, you will receive instant access to download the digital files.

2. File Format and Printing:

- Our digital art prints are provided in high-resolution PDF format.

- You can print the files at home using a quality printer or take them to a professional printing service.

- Please note that colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings and printer calibrations.


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